Wellness Lab has a Massage/Reiki/Yoga room that is available on a daily basis. Substantial availability Monday-Friday.
16 Hours per month for $300
Subject to initial interview with Wellness Lab.
As few as 4 hours per month, and up to full time availability. Contract can be upgraded monthly as your clientele grows, and pricing per hour decreases with increased hours.
** You will be contacted by Wellness Lab for a phone interview, and to schedule a site viewing.


Per Person


Wellness Lab Hoboken
36 Newark St., Suite 301 Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hosted by Wellness Lab

The Wellness Lab is about supporting an Active Holistic-Minded Community. This idea is being created one pillar at a time with Massage & Bodywork, and has continued to grow including Ayurveda Health Counseling, Wellness Coaching, & Life Coaching. We welcome you along on this journey.
Founder and Owner, Erin Clyne, began as a Massage Therapist in Chicago working in similar Holistic Communities and Chiropractic offices. In 2015 she relocated to Hoboken, NJ and practiced as a sole practitioner developing a healthy clientele base. Desiring to build a community of like-minded holistic practitioners to further support clients in the busy NYC metro area, she opened Wellness Lab in July 2017 striving to create and maintain the pillars mentioned above.

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Valid until: September 30, 2019
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