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Live life to the fullest! Fight disease, loss weight, gain muscle or tighten and tone, increased sex drive, increased energy, sleep better and feel great. Shaping Systems’ nationwide Board Certified Holistic Health Coaches and Wellness Concierge team are knowledgeable, caring individuals who will guide and support you through each phase to help you achieve optimal health. Our team of professionals has had personal success and trained to provide the guidance and support to our members. Shaping Systems coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, geographic locations and cultures; however, they share the common goal of helping to get America healthy! All this is better life is now easier than ever with our affordable membership plans. We know how to help you achieve optimum health.

• Personalized Goals
• Food & Activity Logging
• Fitness Tracking
• In-App Messaging
• In-App Shopping List
• Phd Meal Plans
• Daily Motivation Support
• Client Dashboard
• Meal Exchange

• All access
• Bio-Individuality Program
• Bi-Weekly Consultations
• Blood Typing Theories
• Client Dashboard
• Customized Meal Delivery Planning
• Diet & Grocery Print Outs
• Meal Exchange Options
• Monthly Cardiovascular Training Regimen
• Weight Training Regimen
• Monthly Diet System
• Monthly Supplement Schedule
• Monthly Vitamin & Mineral Schedule
• Unlimited Email and Text Support


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Shaping Systems
26-215 Avenue at Port Imperial, West New York, NJ, USA

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Shaping Systems is an Online Holistic-Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Systems, Experts Specializing in Weight Loss.

At Shaping Systems, while specializing in Bio-Individuality specific to Goals, Life Style, Blood Type and Ethnicity, we believe in a full Circle-Of-Wellness. The ‘Shaping Systems Way” will benefit you spiritually, mentally and physically. Our system has been proven to work and easily tracked with our state-of-the-art nutrition and fitness technology. Our licensed, Board Certified Holistic Health Coaches will design a plan to keep you accountable for total body wellness. Shaping Systems is science and science is proven!

Shaping Systems is a team of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to INSPIRE you. From our own personal transformations to hundreds of others we’ve worked with, our proven and easy-to-follow system will ensure that you’ll be MOTIVATED to become the person you’ve always dreamt of being. We specialize in life-changing nutrition, and lifestyle programs customized to each person’s bio-individuality so you can be EMPOWERED to reach better results every day!
* Integrative Nutrition
While specializing in blood type theories we look at ways to heal the whole person through food, vitamins, minerals, and dietary and herbal supplements—working in conjunction with conventional medicine to achieve optional health.
* Innovated Coaching
Bio-individuality is our specialty. Our start-of-art technology promotes physical activity, accountability and a change to nutritional behavior. Our tracking system helps you eat healthier, get active and discover new ways to define success.
* Proven Technology
Our Easy to Follow, blue-print-to-success program offers convenience and easy to access with GLT Systems mobile app. Our client dashboard allows you to view reports, recipes, goals, health and fitness tips and tracking. Results, with Proven Success!
What sets us apart from the other companies is our staff, software and technology. Also, our professional coaches are top-in-their-field with determination to see our members reach their goals in the most effective way possible. Our personalized approach fits our on-the-go busy lifestyle and is backed by our innovated fitness and nutrition technology. We offer state-of-art technology to evaluate a full circle of well-being through science and accountability to change nutritional behavior. This new innovated system will guide you to a happier, healthier YOU!

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