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The Stop Surviving & Start Living program is for anyone pushing yourself through each day until it leaves you unmotivated; often tired; unhappy in aspects of your life, but feeling like you "should" be happy for what you have; desiring more, but unsure of what that looks like; wanting to change but don't know how to get started. Do you resonate to this? It doesn't feel great. What is it costing you to just simply exist - what have you missed out on??

Over 10 sessions, the Stop Surviving & Start Living program takes you through the process of reconnecting back to what's most important to you and using this as a foundation to take back control of your time, energy, career, happiness, your LIFE. With my support, you will receive guidance on how to make decisions that feel right, the ability to identify an ideal daily/weekly schedule, a better understanding of your strengths and know how to leverage them, and a clear plan on how to move forward. This will be done with weekly workbooks as well as 45 minute coaching sessions at Wellness Lab for personalized support.


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Nicole Martin @ Wellness Lab
36 Newark St., Suite 301 Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hosted by Nicole Martin

Not too long ago, I thought I had "made it" - I had a husband who is also my best friend, a spirited and funny daughter, a close group of family and friends, and a senior HR role at a start-up that gave me challenging responsibilities and a nice paycheck, to boot. What more could I want?

But if you looked just under the surface, you would have seen a woman who at times was just barely holding it together. I was super stressed and anxious, barely slept, and had ongoing stomach pains that no one could diagnose. When I spent time with my loved ones, I was always distracted by my worries or felt like a floating entity in the room, not really engaged with what was going on. And I felt a desire for "more," though I wasn't sure what "more" looked like.

I was torn between my desires and thinking I "had" to be grateful, but finally, my desires won out. I realized I wanted to feel like me again, and to do so, I needed to get reacquainted with the REAL me, the one that wasn't dulled down by life's stresses. Over time though, I made progress, and then attending coach training was the icing on the cake. Trust me, I still have moments where I think I'm going to lose it, but now I have the tools and methods to help get me through these moments so I feel more in control of my thoughts and consciously react vs. having an outburst.

More than anything, I want my coaching business to help moms who are done struggling and just getting by. I want to combine my own personal experience, HR career experience, & coach training to reintroduce you to YOU, so you can start living presently and joyfully again!

I have an MBA from NYU and 14 years of Human Resources experience in large and small companies. I spent most of these years developing talent by coaching and guiding employees on various topics: career, leadership skills, and even work/life balance. I trained with Leadership That Works under a program called Coaching for Transformation. I look forward to working with you!

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